Why I Ride Recumbents - Russ Griesemer

I ride a recumbent bicycle because after first seeing a recumbent bicycle back
in the early eighties it became instantly, intuitively obvious to me that the upright bicycle was an inherently flawed design. It was a world class “Aha!
” moment.

The pros and cons have been debated endlessly, but for me the one thing that trumps all other concerns is safety. The natural riding position of a recumbent bicycle is head up. The natural riding position of an upright bicycle is head down. Case closed, in my opinion. The head up posture of a recumbent
allows the rider to comfortably maintain their situational awareness at all times.  Accidents are much easier to avoid when you can see what’s coming.

Since that time I’ve kept my eyes on recumbents (lusted after them is more like it). The invention of the internet made it much easier to research them, but price was always a concern. For a while I was just too busy to even think much about it, what with running and growing a business. Then I had the time and the money but couldn’t make up my mind. I paid a visit to Atlantic Bicycle BJ (Before Josh) and test rode many bikes. I had pretty much made up my mind on a Rans Vrex, and then money became a concern again. My father passed away and we had to move down to Miami to
take care of my mom. Then I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my left shoulder, the end result of a diving accident 15 years ago. I needed a shoulder replacement, but the surgeon refused to operate on a smoker (that’s right, I had a 3 pack a day habit for the past 20 years). With that as motivation and the appropriate pharmaceutical assistance, I was finally able to quit. Imagine my surprise when the doctor said “oh, you thought I would operate right away? Silly boy, you need to be much older because you’ll lose a lot of mobility in the shoulder after the operation. Wait another 15 years or so”. Well, there I was with no cigarettes and no surgery. What to do? Take your income tax refund and buy a recumbent to celebrate finally quitting. That was easy!

I’ll tell you another reason I ride a recumbent. The things are just flat-out COOL!! I get compliments like I never did before when I’m on that bike.
Since then, I’ve been through many changes, but the bike has remained a constant. I can honestly say that buying that recumbent was a life-altering decision. I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever known thanks to that bike, and managed to get myself in better shape to boot. I did manage to ding myself up pretty good one time, but that was all part of the learning curve. I wouldn’t change a thing.