Why I Ride Recumbents - Carl Kidd

Why do I ride a recumbent?

Where to start?  Well let’s go back to 1971 on the
island of Oahu in Hawaii where it all started.  I was stationed on Ford Island in the
middle of Pearl Harbor serving my country in the United States Navy.  I was rather over weight and physical exercise was something you watched on TV while staying in the AC.  I met a fellow sailor who asked me one afternoon if I wanted to go jogging with him.  He had just started running himself.  I don’t know what possessed me but I said yes.  Needless to say after a quarter mile I was toast.  But something happened on that run, and I use that term run loosely.  The next day I went with him again, and the next, and the next.  I was starting to like the filling I got while I was running and afterward.

Moving forward the running stuck and I was up to running 2 to 3 miles everyday.  After meeting my lovely wife on Waikiki beach and marring her 6 months later she asked me if I would "teach her to run."
How could I resist such a request?  She started slowly to run and before long we were running the 2-3 miles together.

Let’s jump ahead.  I left the Navy in 1973 and moved back to West Palm Beach, finished college, started teaching physical education, and continued running and doing 5 and 10k road races.  As age and the hammering (see I was a hammer even then) running was taking on my knees I had to have my right knee scoped in 1998.  After a short recovery I was back running again and felt great.  That lasted to 2007 and I needed to have the same knee scoped again.  The body was trying to tell me something.  After a short recovery I tried to start running again.  I just had to have that runner’s high again.  But this time the knee said “no more!”  So I turned to my diamond frame for exercise.  That lasted about 6 months before the uncomfortable riding position of the bike made me look for an alternative.

I had seen a rider on a Bike-E at Palm Beach Inlet several months earlier and was intrigued by the bike.  He told me that he rented the bike at the Palm Beach bike shop.  A few days later I went and rented a Bike-E and rode it around Palm Beach for an hour.  Loved it!  I didn’t want to spend on a new bike at the time but kept the idea in the back of my mind incase I changed my mind.  Well the unconformable DF “changed” my mind.

After doing some research I settled on the Bacchetta and went to the “Bike Spot” and talk to Patton and he suggested the Corsa.  I rode it for 5 minutes and said “that’s the bike for me!”  I have been riding my Corsa ever since.  It has over 40,000 miles on it and I'm still enjoying every mile I ride on it!

I still miss running but riding the recumbent is such a wonderful experience and soooooo comfortable that I can’t think of a better way to get outside and exercise.  Not to mention chasing, catching, waving to, passing, and dropping those DF’s.

If you didn't watch the video at the top of the page go back and take a look and you'll see
"why I ride a recumbent."

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it………….. Hammer on!

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