Why I Ride Recubents - Jim Dunn

My first exposure to a recumbent was when I was living in Chicago. Two of my "wedgie" friends made the switch to Gold Rush recumbents and raved about them. That planted the seed. Not only did it look like fun, for me it seemed safer. I had recently broken my neck in a mountain bike accident and the doc said if I injure it again I’m screwed. So I look at a recumbent and think, “Leading with my feet instead of my head is probably not a bad idea.”

Still, I didn’t move on it right away. Found myself in “analysis paralysis” for months over what to get. And in the meantime I moved to Florida. I checked out the 2 local recumbent dealers and their brands and finally settled on a Bacchetta from Peyton at the Bicycle Spot. A test drive in a nearby parking lot sealed the deal. When I started riding in circles around the lot I found myself grinning from ear to ear. After about an hour, Peyton sent an employee out to find me to see if everything was OK. I was in heaven. Inked the deal that day and a few weeks later picked up my new Corsa. Since then I’ve learned that recumbents have a couple of bonus features: When you ride by a bunch of kids, 100% of the time they yell out, “Cool bike!” and I get a lot of big smiles from the ladies.