Meet In The Middle Ride Information

Welcome all South Florida Bent Riders to the First

The Idea: For the last 3 months, from our  group of 18+ bents, we have averaged 12 + riders on our Sat A1A rides. From the enthusiastic discussions, over the past month, an idea emerged which was quickly dubbed the Meet in the Middle Ride. If our fellow South Florida riders attend, we could have a presence of 25 to 30 riders on A1A.

To make the start in a more central location, Deerfield Beach was chosen along , with the 2011 dates. For the remainder of 2011 the rides will be on Oct 2nd, Nov 19th, and Dec 17th. The Meet in the Middle Ride will be posted and take place every 5 weeks  The five week spacing will change slightly if they conflict with major holidays. We will not be riding our regular Saturday Palm Beach Bent Cruise on these dates.

Ride Details: This ride will be a 32-mile A1A north-south loop with three stops. With our riding loop & regroup system, we all will arrive and depart each together. This will reduce the non-riding time, but will allow ample time for liquid refills and restroom use. The regroup is quite simple and allows for riding at different speeds while keeping the group together, a good deal of the ride. It will be explained at the start of the ride.

The first will be a pit stop, 10 miles north at Anchor Park, Delray Beach. This is a shaded park with great facilities. The turnaround will be the Ocean Inlet Park at Boynton Inlet.  The third is the returning pit stop 10 miles south at Spanish River Park, also quite nice for a short break.

The turn around stop will give ample time for snacks, hydration, and “get to know each other” and general bent discussions. It will also be a good time to exchange ideas for future rides of this type.

The Start Point: The 7:30 meeting location is shown at the Cove parking lot, on the map below. We meet at the parking area at the easterly end, by the Cove Restaurant.  It's  heavily shaded with large oak trees. The ride will start at 8:00 and proceed north on A1A. and we'll have lunch at the Cove after the ride

Please study the map below carefully. Click on the map pins and the colored routes for detailed information about how to enter the parking lot.  Also, see the comments at the very bottom of this page for additional information.  For people coming from the east the western most entrance is the only option since Hillsboro Blvd. is a divided highway and there is no crossover.  For people coming from the west the second green map pin entrance is the preferred one as it leads directly into the parking lot.

Meet in the Middle Start Point

Click on "MTM Parking Lot Navigation" link below for more information.