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Physical activity and exercise have the potential to result in serious injury. The information below is provided by The Bent Society of South Florida and is for your information only.  It is not intended as a personal prescription. It is recommended that you to see a physician before starting an exercise program or modifying your diet. Anyone experiencing pain as a result of activity should seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. The Bent Society of South Florida website creators and associates of this site will not take responsibility for any and all injuries related to the information contained or referenced within the lists provided below.

Virtual Sports Injury Clinic a website for finding information about injuries to all parts of the body.

Bicycle-Related Injuries from the American Family Physician, written by
MATTHEW J. THOMPSON, M.B., CH.B., and FREDERICK P. RIVARA, M.D., M.P.H., University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington

Cycling Injuries - causes, treatments, and prevention
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