Something For Everyone by Bill Barrere

posted Aug 6, 2011, 7:30 PM by Bob Brown III   [ updated Aug 8, 2011, 8:16 AM ]
We did it all, rode in a pack, split and rode in two packs, fried some DFs, regrouped, pitted at the inlet, meandered down North Lake Trail, trouped with the group up on A1A returning, and popped our usual 3 mile breakaway at 31.5 mph. All this was followed by lunch at our reserved round table at Rotelli in Lake Worth.

It appears the we have figured out how to make our Sat rides great for each participant.

Pit stop and BS session at the Palm Beach Inlet. Eight high racers and a midget racer rider, Bob, Phil, Mark. Ginny, Ted, Yoric, Russ, Carl and myself, having a rollicking conversation.

Check out the video clip at; Note, Carl clutching his witch's brew bottle like someone might try to abscond with it.

Ginny with her granddad and her new high racer. We got the girl on a Volae for her riding pleasure. Got granddad his Corsa a month ago and he is still alive, I think.

In the shadows, Russ, Ted, & Phil, in the light, Yoric, Carl, Ginny (new bike-big smile), Mark, and Brown.

The motley crew regroup and I don't mean the band, featuring the carlbob clones.

If you're missing all this fun, it's not our fault.