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This could have been called the "Stop and Smell the Roses" ride instead of the "Bent Beach Cruise". This was the view of the West Palm Beach skyline at the "Big Tree" near the Flagler Museum. After a brisk ride north to the inlet where we relaxed and enjoyed the view for a bit, we rode back south on the scenic trail by the water on Palm Beach.  We had a nice turnout of riders including Diane on her trike so we turned a few heads and got some great comments as our group rode by.                                

Southbound on the trail

Here's a video of the group southbound on the Lake Trail in Palm Beach.  It was nice to have Diane along on her trike.  Don't know how Bill shoots such great video while riding his bike.  He must be "videobikedexterous".  You can see that everyone was really enjoying the day.  Especially Yoric who felt that "Love was In the air".

We added a nice social finish to the ride with lunch at Rotelli in Lake Worth. The bikes and trikes were
quite the topic of conversation for passers by as we watched closely from our table in the restaurant.  Conversation ranged from the latest movies to the best toothpicks with all topics in between. Uncle Bill spotted a trike passing by and leaped from the table to run it down. Turned out to be well known Lake Worth trike rider Walt Smyser who joined us for lunch to inform all about reverse osmosis plants and the various water aquifers from which the city draws its water.  It was a fun finish for a great day of riding and fun.

A Google Earth kmz file showing the path of our ride recorded by GPS is downloadable from the link below. Save it to your computer and open it with Google Earth to check the route. The file can also be imported into Google Maps if you don't want to download and install Google Earth.
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