Ride Report by Russ 10/16/2011

posted Oct 17, 2011, 10:21 AM by Bob Brown III   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 12:17 PM ]
Bill & I arrived at Boynton early, and found our parking spaces already taken over by the DF squad. They really gave us the evil eye as we rolled through the lot with our 'bents proudly on top of the car. Hey, deal with it; you're gonna be seeing a lot more of us! Anyway, the lot down by the inlet has actual trees and shade, which comes in handy for after the ride, as well as covered seating with picnic tables and easy bathroom access. That's always a thumbs up for the Hammer!

October 15, 2011 Video by The Hammer

Leaving Boynton we had myself, Bill, Ginny, Jim and Mark who was finally back from vacation and on his new (to him) Ti Aero; and believe me, he was even faster than usual today. Turning on to the road North the full force of the 15 knot wind hit us in the face; this was gonna be challenging. The ride to Lake Worth gave us time to get used to the zephyrs gently wafting through the air, and we met up with Carl, Yoric, Ted, Larry, John and Bob (I can't shake the feeling that I'm forgetting people; I remember Ted saying we had 13 but for the life of me I can only account for 11. My apologies if I forgot anyone!). For some reason, I don't think Larry will be bringing out his Hace on windy days anymore.

John had inadvertently dropped his radio on the mainland side of the Lake Worth Bridge and hot footed it back over to look for it. The rest of us headed out for the inlet, braving the breezes on the way. A breaka
way group of riders lit out after some DF's that had the effrontery to pass us and we all met at the clock tower on the beach. After the pause that refreshes we continued on to the inlet. Getting close to the inlet, Bob was leading a group of 4 of us and after some banter I told him "If you're gonna pull then pull!". Half a mile later when I finally caught up with him I silently vowed to never give a septuagenarian an even chance again!

After regrouping at the inlet we headed to the gas station for our standard pit stop. We left the gas station and headed back to the beach where the tailwind really let us crank it up. It's nice to cruise at 22-23 with only as much effort as you would for 15-16! After a fast run back to Lake Worth it was on to Boynton, then load the bikes up and head back to Too Jays for a little R&R and food. The always political but not always PC Wayne took a break from his Occupy Bryant Park gig to have lunch with us, bringing his picket sign with him. And so ended another successful Bent Society ride.

Show Notes for TBS 10-15-2011 ride.

Here are the websites I listed in this weeks video.

Bacchetta Recumbents: http://www.bacchettabikes.com/

Zipp wheels: http://zipp.com/wheels/404-clincher/

Rotor Cranks:  http://www.rotorbikeusa.com/products/RS4x_cranks.html

Dupont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant: http://www2.dupont.com/Consumer_Lubricants/en_US/products/lubricants.html

Where to buy Dupont Teflon Lube: Lowes: http://www.lowes.com/pd_213197-39963-D00110101_?PL=1&productId=1059839  Home Depot doesn't list it on their website.

Yokozuna Reaction Cable System: http://store.yokozunausa.com/recasy1.html

Angle Tech Aero Bag: http://www.angletechcycles.com/notsausage/angletech_AeroPod.htm