It's Cool. Let's Ride.

posted Oct 20, 2011, 4:08 PM by Bob Brown III   [ updated Oct 21, 2011, 6:34 AM ]
Thursday, October 20, 2011
.  Instead of the usual 80 degree temps with 90 percent humidity this day dawned in the upper 60's with low humidity.  After three days of torrential rains and overcast skies it was time to ride.

Carl and Ginny started at the Boynton Ocean Inlet Park and rode north to Lake Worth Beach where I joined them.  The cool air and low humidities inspired us to pick up the pace and enjoy the cool air. 

I had a flat on the beach stretch just after the Southern Boulevard traffic circle. As luck would have it the flat was on the front and the tube was changed out quickly with help from Carl as Ginny observed and offered encouragement.  A shot of CO2 and all was well.

We took a break at the clock tower on Palm Beach as is the bent tradition and then cruised on northward. This part of the ride became a challenge.  Roads were blocked, landscapers were everywhere trimming trees, and it seemed that every curve had some kind of road maintenance going on. 

We ended up following a truck carrying huge palm trees as we all detoured around some disruption. Finally arriving at the inlet we were rewarded with an island freighter entering the Port of Palm Beach followed by the pilot boat.

We left the inlet and negotiated as few of the road projects as possible and after the traditional "gas station" stop we headed for home.  A nice northerly breeze and the cool weather allowed us to hold a 20 mph pace for much of the way.  Carl and Ginny sprinted for Lake Worth Beach after Sloan's Curve leaving me to plod along at 18 mph.  I really didn't mind because it was such a beautiful day and they were having fun.  Ginny is becoming a really fast rider and the Hammer is....well, the Hammer.

After a brief stop to talk with Carl and Ginny who were kind enough to wait for the old man I peeled off to climb the Lake Worth Bridge and then home. Imagine my surprise when a yellow shirted recumbent rider pulled up to a side street stop sign in front of me.  Yoric!  He had to attend a meeting and could not make our ride but he and I had a nice chat before he rode on to do his loop and I rode home.  What a great day.