Goodbye Irene

posted Aug 28, 2011, 11:38 AM by Bob Brown III   [ updated Aug 29, 2011, 6:36 PM ]
Hurricane Irene went through the Bahamas but missed Florida.  The big weather system had moved on north by the time we met on Saturday to ride.  We had a really good turnout with 12 riders this time. 

Start line up at Boynton Inlet Park.

Boynton Inlet Parking

Most of us met at the Boynton Inlet park for the start.  Some met us at Lake Worth Beach.  We had two new riders, Carlos Coloma and Les Garcia, who came up from down south to join us.  We hope they will continue to ride with us if they can. Phil rode in from western Palm Beach County. We all thought of him after we ended the ride because of the westerly winds that he was going to have to fight all the way home. Ted cruised to and from the ride in his new hybrid car proving that you can carry a recumbent inside a Toyota Prius with the seats down.

Lake Worth Beach (note old casino building now demolished)

Relaxing at the Palm Beach Clock Tower

A Different Lineup at the Kapok Tree. Is Wayne practicing for a Burt Reynolds

Pit Stop and Break at The Kapok Tree

Relaxing under the kapok tree.  Note Ginny, Mark, and Carl repairing tire while everyone else relaxes.

Tire Repair Pit Stop

Close up of the tire repair action.  Mark repairs while Carl supervises to ensure quality control parameters of the Bent Society are met.

We made our usual stops at the Palm Beach public beach clock tower, the Palm Beach Inlet, the Big Kapok Tree, and Lake Worth Beach.  These stops give us a chance to regroup.

We took the scenic Lake Trail on the way back south and were surprised when we reached the big kapok tree.  A high tide and westerly winds had flooded the area and pushed a lot of debris into the area around the base of the tree. 

Ginny had a flat tire at the stop.  It was good timing because two of our top pit crew, Mark and Carl, put a new tube in the tire to get her on her way.  We didn't put the stop watch on them for the change out but it may not have been their fastest change out. 

Here is a link to the ride track from my GPS on  KML and GPX files can be found below as attachments.
GPSies - TBS_08272011

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