First "Meet in the Middle" ride by Russ

posted Oct 3, 2011, 6:37 PM by Bob Brown III
19 riders. Did I mention that we had 19 riders? Just wanted to make sure I mentioned that we had 19 ACTUAL RIDERS!! October 1, 2011, a day which will live in infamy...wait, wrong era... Well, it's a day that will live on in our hearts and minds as one of our best rides ever. Just take a look at the photo Jim snapped at the beginning of the ride. Fantastic!

People started arriving at The Cove at 7 am and they just kept on coming. We had some new riders no one had met before that we didn't know were going to show up, other riders that we knew from previous SFRR rides, and many more from the Bent Society. How awesome was it to see Phil and his lovely wife on a tandem bent and Michael and his wife on matching Tour Easy's ? More couples please! And more women thanks to Nan, Shari and Ana. Unfortunately Ginny had a migraine this morning and couldn't make it. Next time Ginny! I'll leave it for someone else to post a complete head count and names, but we were a mighty dangerous looking outfit by the time we rode out at 8:15 am.

Of course, the first thing that happened was Bob having a blowout on the Hillsboro bridge and falling on the grating. Fortunately he was fine except for a little "grate rash" on an elbow. We can't take you anywhere can we Bob? Just rub some Boeshield on it and get back on that horse. Anyway the tube was changed and we soldiered on.

The first rest stop was at Anchor Park in Delray, where we attracted a lot of attention from the general populace. Then it was on to Ocean Ridge Hammock Park for the turn-around where we got kicked out of the main pavilion by an angry shopkeeper who had probably spent the night before on the couch. Nan stuck up for us bent riders and gave the guy an earful; you go girl! Dean promised to follow up with the Boynton PD to see if there was any truth to what he was saying about bikes not being allowed in the main area. Looking forward to hearing about that Dean.

Back on the road to our last stop at Spanish River Park. Some riders from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team In Training of which Shari is a proud member struck up a conversation with us while admiring our bikes. Hey, I'll take converts any way I can get them. Then it was up-and-at-'em again for the last leg back in to Deerfield where our cars awaited in some most welcome shade for a change! Lunch at The Cove was delightful and the converstion and fellowship was well worth the price. To those who missed the ride and/or the lunch afterword all I can say is "better luck next time"! You missed out on a truly great event.

At this point kudos and appreciation must be given to Bill Barrere for coming up with this idea and "herding the cats" to ensure a fantastic time was had by all. Thanks Bill for all your hard work!! And let's make this a permanent addition to our ride schedule!