First "Meet in the Middle" Ride by Bill Barerre

posted Oct 3, 2011, 6:24 PM by Bob Brown III   [ updated Oct 3, 2011, 6:37 PM ]
In the photo below, from the left, are the 20 names of yesterday's MITM riders. Thanks John, for the fine photos.

Phil & Han, Ken, Shari, Jim, George, Nan, Carl, Ana, Ted, Mike, Russ, Janice, Bob, Wayne, Larry, Todd, and Bill. Not in this photo are Dean and James, he shot it.

We had riders participate from as far south as So Dade and north from Jupiter. Of our A1A Palm Beach Bent Cruise riders, we are sorry the 9 of you couldn't make the ride. Ginny, Yoric, Mark, Larry S, Bob R, Diane, Les, Carlos, and John R.

For the last 12 months, from the 28 riders above we have ridden 52 straight weekends and we are getting 13 to 15 riders out on Sat. The weather is now getting cooler and this average will increase.

There are a number of others that have ridden with us over the past few years, would be great to see you all at one of our A1A rides or the next MITM Ride. Sergio, Cat Steve, Josh, David, Joanne, Bob P, David J, Rick N, Bob Em, John C, Ken EZ, Jose...........

Our next MITM Ride will repeat every 5 weeks. To complete the 2011year of rides, the next two are set for Sat Nov 12 and Sat Dec 17. We have changed our weekend Sat ride to Sunday a couple of times. We could also set a MITM Ride for a Sunday if it would help some folks to join us.

If we have all of our BB Cruise and a good number of the other So Fl riders, the count of bents could be 30 to 40. That would be impressive and great fun.