"Another Most Excellent Ride" by Russ Griesemer

posted Sep 17, 2011, 6:03 PM by Bob Brown III   [ updated Nov 7, 2011, 8:41 AM ]

Another most excellent ride today with the Bent Society (or is it the Bent Supremacy?). That's an issue to be decided... The weather was very cooperative; cloud cover to keep the heat down and nice, low humidity to mitigate the stickiness factor. Unfortunately the last gasp of the 'bent flu is still rearing its ugly head, although Bob sure didn't ride as sick as he complained he was...a little sandbagging there Robert??? Hopefully the next few weeks will bring the final demise of this nasty little bug and everybody can get back to riding the way they used to. It's nice to see Wayne more than once a month; maybe Larry Silver can keep him coming on a regular basis! We were 7 strong coming north from Boynton, and 13 leaving Lake Worth...well...11 leaving Lake Worth, 12 at the clock tower and 13 at the inlet. Ted was a little...confused and Larry was still getting used to his new Hase. What a sweet looking ride that is, by the way. You can definitely see the precision of German engineering in that bike. And I like that Racing Green paint job! After a brief R&R at the inlet, we headed back. No trail today, straight back to A1A and a regroup with bathroom break at the gas station. Carl met up with us shortly after and we continued on to Lake Worth. After splitting up the Boynton contingent headed on south to a well-deserved shower at the park. After a clean up and cool down we met up again at ToJays for our getting-to-be regular lunch and BS session. Can't wait to do it again!!!

Bent Supremacy?