10 Recumbents, "The Bent Society", Ride

posted Aug 21, 2011, 4:39 AM by Bob Brown III   [ updated Aug 21, 2011, 5:22 AM ]
Another great ride by The Bent Society or whatever we decide to call ourselves.  We had 10 riders this time and are hoping for more next time.  We are now a visible presence out on A1A and always attract people asking questions when we stop and regroup at various points along the way.

Preparing to ride at The Boynton Inlet Park
Here is a shot of the group that started at the Boynton Inlet Park preparing to ride.

Some of us decided to start at The Boynton Inlet Park while others joined the fun at Lake Worth Beach.  The Boynton Beachers did 35 miles while the Lake Worth Beachers did 25 miles.  The bottom line is that everyone had a good time. 

The stretches of beach along the Atlantic are always a great part of the ride.  The ocean breeze today was cool and refreshing.  Everyone felt good so we moved along at a nice pace.

10 High Racers on A1A Palm Beach, Mark, Russ, Ginny, Carl, Bob, Jim, Phil, Ted, & Larry. We were cursing at 17 mph along A1A with a scenic Atlantic view. A great 35 mile ride with great folks and Carl. 

We did the usual stops along the way regrouping at the Palm Beach Public Beach, The Palm Beach Inlet Park, and "The Gas Station" in Palm Beach.  The stops give us a chance to regroup, take a break, answer questions from interested people, refresh and move on.  

A tangle of bents
Bents at the Inlet.

Inlet Turnaround
The Inlet Turnaround and Tech Talk

It was another great ride by the Bent Society.  We are all looking forward to next Saturday and hope even more people turn out.